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About us

Who We Are 

Wee Yogis is led by founder Jocelyn Kay Levy and is a growing movement of yoga teachers who introduce kids of all ages to yoga and mindfulness through fun, interactive and effective learning environments and transformational media. We help kids stay connected to their child-like freedom through the use of yoga, mindfulness, music, art, and interactive play. Children will develop a mind-body connection, release stress, gain confidence and learn to express themselves. Wee Yogis is also a leader in bringing kids content such as CDs, DVDs, and performances around the world.

It is our passion to bring yoga to kids through music. All of our albums specialize in teaching kids different aspects of Yoga.

Wee Yogis Play teaches kids about the wonderful art of yoga. Each song is dedicated to a specific yoga pose! Your kids will learn our favorites; cat cow, downward dog, tree poses, warrior pose and more!

Wee Yogis Connect focuses on mindfulness, meditation, positive values and how we can really teach our little ones to connect to their self and others.

Wee Yogis Grow is the perfect album to teach your child about yoga philosophy, kirtan and positive values. In this album, kids learn everything from the loving kindness meditation to some of our favorite yoga stories about Hanuman, Ganesha and more!

    We're located in Marin County, California and have been in business since 2010!
    All of our team members have a passion for Yoga and bringing yoga to kids!
    Together we hope to provide you with the best service and support possible! 
    Feel free to contact us at, and join the kids mindfulness movement with us on social media!